Saturday, January 21, 2012

Is it a Hobby or Is it a Ministry?

A few weeks ago I was surfing the internet looking for something completely unrelated to knitting and come across a website for a knitting ministry called "Knit One, Give Two." Curious, I clicked on the link and discovered a lovely group of ladies who are doing just the same as Purls of Grace. Since I was busy I bookmarked the link to save it for another day when I had more time.

The holidays are now over, schools are back in session, our church schedule are back to normal, and our group is ready to get back together and get back to our projects. I realized I needed to update our blog and sat down to work on it, only to remember the ministry I had found a few weeks ago. That, of course, set me on another internet search. I typed in "Knitting Ministries" in the the Google homepage. Within seconds I had several pages of links to all kinds of knitting ministries.

What got me to thinking was what do other groups do together. where do they meet? When do them meet, How often, and who do they minister to? What I discovered was there are a lot of ministries out there, the majority of them are "prayer shawl ministries." Baptist churches were not the most predominant, rather Catholic, Methodist and Presbyterian types of church were more common. Most meet at their church or place of worship, and it varied on when and what times. Some had just short descriptions, while some had an explanation of what they did. A few groups had specific projects they were on. The common thread (or should I say Yarn?) was that they all met together to use their talents to give to the community, a blanket, a baby sweater, or a prayer shawl. Each group's purpose was always centered around ministry, ministering to others.

I am obsessed with knitting, and will crochet when needed, I also love to sew, craft, cook and do just about anything I have seen Martha Stewart do. I never wanted to be her, just be able to do all those creative things she has shown us over the years! What I realized is that I love to do those things because I usually am doing it to bring joy to someone else's life, comfort them in a time of need or encourage them when they are down. Miss Diann reminded us at our Ladies Night out, that we can use our talents in ministry to glorify God. That is what I desire for Purls and Stitches, that our ministry bring Glory to God. So I have taken a gift that I love and made it into a gift to give to others. Looking at the various ministries that are out there encouraged me that knitting and crocheting (or sewing and crafting) can be more than a hobby it can be a true ministry! When someone tell you that knitting or crocheting is just a hobby, remind them that you are using that hobby as a ministry to bring Glory to God.

I found a lot of sites, but here are few I wanted to share with you. When you have time take a look at them, I hope they will encourage you as much as they have encouraged me.

"Knit One, Give Two" Knitting Ministry of Belmont Church in Tennessee. This is a very organized group, with very specific projects through their year.

"Knitted Together Ministry"
in San Diego

"Knitting Ministry of First Baptist of Comanche" meets in a home with over 30 members in Texas.

"Knitting Ministry of Penn State"
, this group of ladies make prayer shawls for military families, giving the mother a prayer shawl and a special prayer patch their solider son or daughter.

"Soulful Knitting Ministries" a blog that is a delight to read and discover more in the world of knitting and giving to others.

"St. Luke's Knitting Ministry" their primary project is prayer shawls.

Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church"
ok, not much info, but this church is the one I attended while I was a student at Cal Baptist, just had to include it.

"Prayer Shawl Ministry of Second Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Arkansas"
Lovely group of knitters who also knit and crochet shawls.

"Virginia Beach United Methodist Church" This knitting ministry made 101 sweaters to use in Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, next year their goal is 150!

"Washington National Cathedral:Knitting Ministry" Fairly new, but how cool is this, I would love to sit and knit or crochet in this beautiful church.

Prayer Shawl Ministry This website explains the purpose of a prayer shawl ministry, as well as how it started and how to start one in your community.

And don't forget this Tuesday night we get together for our ministry meeting. We will catch up on our Bible Study, catch up on project and catch up on our fellowship!

Happy Knitting! Sandi