Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A Small Start

Good Morning,

Today we meet for the first time in several months!  I know some of our ladies have opted to wait and that is completely understandable in this current health situation.  For those of you who will be joining us I wanted to share just a couple of updates. 

Since we are meeting at 4:00 pm please be aware there will be others on our church campus.  There are two children day care groups.  They are in different  areas away from us. 

We have access to our own restroom. 

We will access to our storage items.  We will just need to access it one at a time.

Due to the time frame we may have some sun that we may need to compete with.  We will try this out today and see how it affects us.   Bring a towel or blanket if you would for the benches.  Bring your own hand sanitizer if you would, although we do have access to a sink if you need to wash your hands.

As mentioned earlier we can't share food or drink.  Be sure to your own water/drink and food. 

We will not be doing comfort shawls for now.  There are a couple of easy projects to work on.  Or just bring your own.  Or just come to chat and catch up on! 

Park in the front and join us on the deck! 

Monday, June 8, 2020

June 2020 Updates

The beginning of 2020 started with Creative Hands meeting together, hosting a baby shower in February for Real Options and getting ready for our upcoming Mission Craft Days.  The came a global pandemic and on March 17 all of our activities at church came to a halt.  Shelter-in-Place resulted in our church building being closed and all of our activities cancelled until further notice.  Our church has been trying to navigate through this odd set of circumstances yet despite our church building being closed, our church family has not been.  Various groups are meeting over Zoom to study the Bible, pray and encourage one another.  Our pastor and staff have been faithful in ministering to us by having our Sunday Services online each week.  

It seems a long way off before we will start to join together, sing and hug one another.  Small steps are being made.  This past week the county has allowed churches to open up, outdoors only and with very limited attendance.  We felt Creative Hands could meet safely and abide by the list of requirements that have been set for us.  We can now meet again, albeit with a few changes to accommodate for the new rules.  We will see how this works for us and if not find another alternative.  

We will begin meeting, Tuesday, June 16.  The temporary plan is to meet weekly from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm on the front deck.  We are required to wear face masks, properly social distance, and to not share of food/drinks or our craft items. Bring your own water or drink and food if you would like. 
We will have access to the restroom and kitchen but we must disinfect it after we use them.  We will do the same to the picnic tables when we leave for the day.

A few simple project kits will be available.  We do have several prayer shawls that we can prepare and work on.  Bring your cutting mats, rulers, and rotary cutters so we can prepare the fleece fabric.  We will not be able to work together so be prepare to do project individually for the time being.  We won't be able to share scissors or other items.  I will do the best I can to have what need available for individuals to use.  Real Options is still going strong despite the pandemic and are always in need of donations.  Operation Christmas Child is still monitoring the situation, but we can still work on projects for them.  We also have lots of card making supplies. 

Looking forward to seeing you all even if it is at a 6 feet distance!  

Creative Hands Ministry
Tuesday Afternoons
4:00 to 6:00 pm
Meet on the front deck next to the worship center
Please wear a mask
We can have food and drink, just not to share.
Disinfectant will also be available for use.

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