Sunday, August 30, 2020

Until we meet again

 Or until we can meet again safely inside an actual building.  We gave it a good go, but between having to clean the tables each week, figuring out a safe project we didn't have to share, chasing the shade, fighting the wind, then the heat wave, and now the smoke, it is best we take another break.  This time until the state and our staff approves for us to meet inside the building.  At this point it will likely next year.  Until then work on what you can at home.  

God has another plan and that is ok, his timing is always perfect.  

Friday, July 31, 2020

Meeting Together

Our group is meeting each Tuesday and we are finding that this is working well.  We will continue to practice social distancing and wear our masks.  Before we start we clean the tables we are using and prepare supplies.  If you are not comfortable attending just yet, we completely understand.  If you just want to come for fellowship, you are absolutely welcome!  

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink.  Bring a blanket if you will like for the benches.  Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer is also available.   We also need to be very careful in what we are using and not share between us.  So there will be kits available to help avoid 

Here are few things we are working on:

If you are knitter or crocheter:

Baby blankets, and comfort shawls for Real Options
Pot holders and Wash/Dish Clothes for Operation Christmas Child and a new group to us Sister to Sister 2, Inc. (more information coming soon!)
Scarves for Operation Gratitude (We have some we are going to mail so if you have any to add drop them off on Tuesdays or contact Sandi or Carole for where to drop off)
Easy and Simple Crafts:
Cards that will use for a variety of places: donations of craft glue and tape are welcome.
Crayon Tins for OCC, we are still collecting mint tins, and new crayons.  
Floral Writing Pens
Embroidery Kits for OCC
Decorating the inside of the OCC shoebox
And lots more!

Just a note for the future: As the weather changes and it not comfortable to meet outside we will cancel the meeting.  We are also staying aware of when our country rules change and our staff feels it is safe to return indoors.  Until then we will continue to meet outside and maintain the requirements we have been asked to follow.  

AND don't forget to check out the upcoming Bible Study on God's Grace!